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Maca power bars

I can’t believe we’re already into the beginning of May. While it’s still a bit cool out here in Montreal, the sun is finally...

blueberry oat bran muffins

Blueberry Oat Bran Muffins

Muffins are always one of my favourite go-to snacks. They’re already perfectly sized for an individual portion, easy to transport, and require no cutlery!...

healthy vegan twix

Healthy Vegan Twix

I remember when I had my first Twix chocolate bar, the delicious chocolate, the crunchy cookie, and that gooey caramel. In fact, it quickly...

coconut curry linguini

Coconut Curry Linguini

One of my favourite places in the world is Thailand. I’ve traveled there twice so far in my life, and I have every intention...

healthy quinoa brownies

Healthy Quinoa Brownies

These healthy quinoa brownies are going to be your new favourite treat! They’re rich, fudgy, and loaded with quinoa! Healthy quinoa brownies.   As...