Off the East coast of Nicaragua there is a special paradise known as Little Corn Island.

little corn island

Traveling to Little Corn Island

To get to little corn Island you can take a flight with La Costena from Managua to Big Corn Island. This is a small plane and the flight takes about an hour and a half. Once you land on Big Corn Island, you take a taxi to the pier and hop on a public boat taxi that will take you to Little Corn Island, about a 40 minutes ride.

I stayed at Yemaya Little Corn and took their private boat service directly to the resort, which is on the other end of the island from the pier.

I’d recommend leaving yourself at least 4 nights (or more) on little corn island, to make sure you have enough time to really relax, explore, and get the full experience.

Staying on Little Corn Island

There are several little hotels and hostels you can stay at on Little Corn Island that are near the pier. Yemaya is about a 30 minute walk from there, and a bit more secluded, with breathtaking beaches. You can walk through the entire Island in about 45 minutes, or walk around the perimeter of the Island in about 2 hours.

little corn island

There are plenty of delicious restaurants to eat at on the island.  Many places take credit cards, but be sure to take out American money or Nicaragua money (Cordoba) before arriving on Little Corn.

Yemaya Little Corn

My stay at Yemaya was one of the highlights of my trip to Nicaragua. However I did hit some “unseasonal” weather for March. (Of course this weather started the day I arrived and stopped the day I left!)

Stormy weather and rough seas made the boat ride from Big Corn Island to Yemaya quite the experience! I’ve been on many boats and ferries before, but let me tell you I’ve never had a boat ride like this one. I was convinced that the waves were going to crash up and completely flip the boat. But don’t let this scare you off! The boats are regulated by the Navy and not allowed to go out to Sea if waters are too rough.

After surviving the boat ride and gaining a whole new respect for pirates, we pulled up to the secluded island surrounded by palm trees and jungles.

little corn island

The resort itself was beautiful, but still maintained a simple laid back feel to it. I was especially happy Yemaya offered a fully equipped yoga studio surrounded by lush tropical jungle. (And I mean FULLY equipped, better than most yoga studios back home!) They also offer spa services, (I tried the Yemaya signature massage, which I’d highly recommend!) boat tours, chocolate making classes, and many other activities. I unfortunately only had time to try a massage, and yoga while I was there, but in case of rainy days (as I had one) there are endless activities to keep busy and enjoy!

The dinner menu changed daily, and offered 2 choices of appetizers, 3 choices of mains, and 2 choices of desserts.

yemaya little corn

The Chef was brought in from Tulum Mexico and cooked up some amazing dishes! (He even decorated some with fresh flowers like I love to do on my Instagram!) One of my favourites I tried was the quinoa ceviche. It was bursting with vibrant flavours and had little cubes of young coconut meat to mimic the “fish” in the dish. Also be sure not to miss out on their delicious coconut bread, and “workout reward” breakfast smoothie!yemaya little corn

I’ve never been to such a small island before, and absolutely fell in love with Little Corn. This oasis has such a laid back and peaceful vibe. The fact that theres no motorized vehicles on the island makes it feel even more secluded, and less polluted. The land feels untouched and beaches pristine. If your planning a trip to Nicaragua make sure not to miss out on this gem.

Little corn island

Little Corn Island highlights

  • Walk the perimeter of the Island barefoot

  • Catch the sunset

  • Scuba dive

  • Grab lunch at a cafe and relax with a fresh coconut

  • Try a yoga class

  • Loung in a hammock