10 must-read books for creative entrepreneurs

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Confession: I never used to be a big reader.

For as long as I can remember I was never really into reading books. Other kids were busy obsessing over Harry Potter books (I liked the movies, okay?) and Twilight books, but I just honestly never got into it.

It was only about three years ago (coincidentally when I started blogging) that I discovered Audible, and it seriously changed my life.

That probably sounds a tad dramatic…but seriously you guys, I cannot even begin to describe to you how much audiobooks have been a total game changer in my business. Being able to continue my education and personal development past schooling is such a critical part of entrepreneurship. I seriously can’t stress enough how important it is to always keep learning. My absolute favourite thing about audiobooks is that I can listen to them while doing other things. And as all creative entrepreneurs know, being able to turn mundane tasks into an educational (or just personal) experience is invaluable!

Now I listen to books on audible while I’m cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning my apartment, driving or even when I walk my dog. I have the audible app on my phone, so I can just listen to audiobooks wherever I am on speakerphone or plug in my headphones to listen. The app saves the exact spot in your book for you too, (kind of like a virtual bookmark) so you always know the exactly which spot you’re in when you hit play. Great for people like me who always lose their spot in a physical book 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I still purchase some “real” books from time to time…but they take me wayyyy longer to actually get through, and at the end of the day, I’m much more productive when I can just simply listen to a book. (This is one of my all-time favourite productivity hacks!)

As a creative entrepreneur, there are some books I’ve come across in the past couple of years that I consider must-reads. (or in this case, “must-listens.”) These are books that I have personally read on Audible, some of which I’ve read multiple times. There are of course SO many other incredible business-related and personal development books out there, but these are just a few of my favourites!

Here are 10 must-read books for creative entrepreneurs. (but really, anyone can read these!)

  1. Start with why
    Well, as the title states…start with why. Think about it. There are so many businesses that can say what they do, or how they do, but what about why they do? Finding your “why” is a crucial part of any successful business. This book shares the secrets to what makes a business that is more influential and profitable than others and why some businesses have more loyalty than others.
  2. 4-hour work week
    If you’re not familiar with Tim Ferris, it’s time you get familiar, my friends! As a leader in the creative entrepreneurial world, Tim shares his experiences and secrets to becoming part of the “new rich” and escaping the 9-5 lifestyle.
  3. You are a badass
    One of my favourite reads! This book is witty, fun and will teach you how to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Think of it as a modern twist on a self-help book that will leave you with a positive mindset to reach your goals.
  4. Think and grow rich
    So let’s talk about the elephant in the room…money. It’s a huge part of being a creative entrepreneur and one that people often don’t like to talk about. Think and grow rich is a classic must-read to have the right mindset to actually generate income beyond your wildest dreams.
  5. The life-changing magic of tidying up
    Ok, so I’ll admit…it’s not actually a “business book,” but Marie Kondo teaches her method to declutter and organize your space, which trust me, transcends into all other aspects of your life. (i.e. your business) Learn the KonMari method and experience the calm and motivated mindset it can inspire! (This book inspired my zen living room space)
  6. The power of habit
    We all know that habits are SO important to create success in our lives. But how many of us have trouble creating new habits, or following through on old ones? The power of habit not only explains how habits are formed but will help you understand how habits work, which can ultimately help you to be more productive and more successful.
  7. The One Thing
    If you had to choose ONE THING to focus on in your day to drive your business forward, what would it be? The one thing will teach you how to cut through distractions and move towards your goals all while being less stressed and more in tune with yourself.
  8. The Big Leap
    Do you ever find yourself on a path to success or happiness only to find that it is somehow sabotaged? Gay Hendricks shares his insights to overcoming the barrier to be truly happy and feeling fulfilled in your life. This book will teach you the roadmap to having both financial success and person success.
  9.  Big Magic
    This one is for the creatives. Elizabeth Gilbert shares her expertise and perspective on creativity through past experiences and fun stories.  Learn how to tackle what you love most, face what you fear most and live your most creative life.
  10. The untethered soul
    Ok, technically this ones also not a business book…but definitely a book I recommend every creative entrepreneur reads. This book will take you on an inward journey to transform your relationship with yourself. Learn how to put an end to habitual and negative thoughts and set your mind free!

Are there any other books you’re reading that you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments below!