Looking for a gift for the food lover in your life? This 2018 holiday gift guide for foodies has you covered! 

  1. Smeg kettle
    There’s no reason your kettle has to be boring ol’ stainless steel! I have this little powder blue kettle in my kitchen and I just love the colour and the vintage style!
  2. Tasty food photography E-Book
    When it comes to having a food blog, high quality, aesthetic imagery is *essential* for gaining traction and an audience. I have seriously upped my food photography game using these tips and I highly recommend this book for both aspiring and established food bloggers alike.
  3. Le Creuset pot
    This is my dream pot! Le Creuset cookware is so durable and long lasting – you can put them in the oven and they even work on induction stoves!
  4. Gold serving pitcher
    I saw this pitcher and immediately fell in love! It’s perfect for serving a refreshing holiday cocktail OR used as a vase for fresh flowers!
  5. Cute oven Mitts
    from AnthropologieAren’t these oven mitts adorable!? Anthropologie has *the* cutest aprons and oven mitts.
  6.  Vitamix
    Seriously guys, this is the QUEEN of all blenders. You can use it to make nut milks, peanut butter, coconut ice cream – the works!! It’s a bit of a splurge but well worth the price!
  7. Cookbook
    Angela Liddon is a genius! I love this cookbook by her – the photos are gorgeous, and the recipes are simple yet mouth-wateringly delicious! This is a staple in my kitchen when I’m wondering what to make.
  8. marble rolling pin
    This marble rolling pin is GOALS. Seriously, marble everything, #amirite!?
  9. Kitchenaid mini stand mixer
    I love how adorable this mini KitchenAid mixer is! It’d be the perfect gift for the avid baker with a smaller kitchen. Honestly, I’d have it on my counter for looks alone!
  10. instant pot
    “I love my instant pot!” – me and every other instant pot owner I know. It makes things so much quicker when it comes to soups, stews, and chilis! I find the flavours are richer and it takes a lot of the time and hassle out of making dinner.
  11.  French press
    There’s just something about french-press coffee that just tastes so darn good! I think it’s the ritual of it all. In the evenings I use my french press to make peppermint tea (using real peppermint leaves) as an after-dinner stomach soother.
  12. donut moulds
    Ok, let’s get real guys, donut moulds are essential in EVERY kitchen these days! Amazon has them at a great price – and now you can fill your kitchen with the drool-worthy aroma of chai latte maple glazed donuts and pumpkin pie spice donuts!

This post contains affiliate links which means I will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. I only recommend products that I know, trust and love!