Now that spring is finally here it’s time to get some fresh air, garden and enjoy being outdoors! And what better way to do so than to create an ambient patio space? Whether you have a large patio or small balcony, these tips can be used to create a dreamy outdoor space you’ll love!

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One thing that was on my checklist when looking for an apartment was to find something with an outdoor space. Now, where I live we don’t get very long summers, but let me just say for the short few months we do have summer, I want to take advantage and spend as much time outside as possible!

Having a well planned out patio space with the right furniture and proper ambiance is one of the easiest ways to want to spend more time outside. Today I’m sharing my top 5 ways to spruce up your patio plus some of my favourite patio items currently on sale for Article’s memorial day sale!

5 ways to spruce up your patio

1. Go green

Whether your patio or balcony space is big or small, greenery is one of the easiest ways to make your outdoor space feel like a peaceful escape. Especially if you live in the city, having some flowers and plants will instantly transform your space. (Bonus, plants are shown to reduce stress so you can feel even more relaxed!)

2. Create a dining area

Say goodbye to waiting at a restaurant to get a table outside! Create a dining area on your patio and invite friends over for dinner instead. Not only will you save money on a home cooked meal, but you get to eat outside, no waiting required!

3. Bring in some conversational seating

Outdoor lounge chairs, sofas and coffee tables are great pieces to use to spruce up your patio and create a relaxing atmosphere for your family and guests. These types of seatings are more casual than outdoor dining furniture, and are perfect for just hanging out, enjoying a happy hour cocktail, and relaxing with a good book!

4. Create ambiance with lighting

One of the easiest ways to create an ambiance in your outdoor space is to utilize different types of lighting. Fairy lights, string lights and lanterns are all great for setting the mood. If you like something a little more rustic, you can even set up some candles too!

5. Tidy it up

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing nice about a garbage bin or dirt all over the patio. Just like it’s important to clean up our indoor living space, it’s important to clean up our outdoor living space. Remove any garbage bags, give the ground a good sweep and keep your outdoor space tidy. This will instantly make your space feel more luxurious and relaxing.

Article memorial day sale

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