Bali has been at the top of my travel list for a long time. Living in Canada it hasn’t been the most easy and convenient place to plan a trip. (Bali is practically on the other side of the world!)

When I started working on Choosing Chia full-time, I knew I finally would have the opportunity where I could take off enough time to travel to this beautiful paradise! So I booked A ticket in January for 3 weeks and headed off.

After 3 airplanes, 30 hours, and countless (not so good) airplane meals, I finally landed in Bali and stepped out into the humid tropical climate. I immediately felt at home.

Now, although I was born and raised in the winter climate, I’m convinced that in another life I came from the jungle. Besides the fact that my body can barely handle the weather when it drops below 0 degrees, I’ve always felt a sense of peace being in a warmer quiet, surrounded by water and plenty of greenery. So you can imagine how happy I felt roaming the streets of Bali surrounded by lush tropical jungles and beautiful ocean views. Not to mention the abundance of healthy delicious food!

Here are some photos of the best of Bali from my trip. Hope you enjoy!

Tegallalang Rice Terraces Read more at: Rice Terraces
crystal bayCrystal Bay, Nusa Penida
cactus fruitCactus fruit, Nusa Penida
broken beachBroken Beach, Nusa Penida
Gili trawanganGili Trawangan
the colony hotelBreakfast, The Colony Hotel