This Tulum travel guide for foodies shares information on how to get to Tulum, things to do in Tulum and most importantly, where to eat in Tulum!

lounging in a hammock on the beach in Tulum mexico

Oh Tulum, how you hold a special place in my heart. (And tummy!)

Last year, I took my first trip to Tulum to experience my very first wellness retreat. It was the most incredible experience and ever since I knew I’d be going back to Tulum one day.

Well, that one day turned out to be about a year later and I went back with more knowledge and experience that I’ll be sharing with you in this post!

How to get to Tulum:

The best way to get to Tulum is by taking a flight to the Cancun airport.(CUN) From there you can either take a shuttle, bus, or taxi to Tulum. The drive is about an hour and 45 minutes. Keep in mind if you take a bus or shared transport, the drive can be a little bit longer.

I used moz, an online service where you can book transport before leaving to Tulum, which is cheaper than taxing a taxi at the airport.

Where to stay in Tulum:

Even since last year, theres been a huge surge in Tulum tourism and tons of new hotels, condos and airbnb’s being built. Tulum beach is where all the action is, and is likely where you will be spending most of your time.

That being said, Tulum beach is also quite a bit more expensive than staying in Tulum town. If you choose to stay on Tulum beach and have the budget for it, there are some gorgeous places you can stay. Nomade is beautiful for an upscale hotel and Amansala for a mid-range hotel.

If you are staying in Tulum town, it is only a short 5-10 minute taxi ride or about a 20-30 minute bike ride to the beach.

Things to do in Tulum:

Visit the Tulum ruins:

The Tulum ruins are a short bike ride from both the beach and Tulum town. The ruins are beautiful to see and spend the morning walking around. I find an hour is enough time here if you’d like to go on your own. You can also book a guided tour if you prefer.

If you want to avoid crowds (and the heat) make sure to go early in the morning. The ruins open around 8:00am and costs under 100 pesos to enter.(make sure to bring your pesos with you!) The afternoon is much more crowded.

Swim in a cenote:

If there’s one thing Tulum seems to known for, it’s for the abundance of cenotes you can swim in. One of the most popular is Gran Cenote. (pictured here) Again, if you want to beat the crowds make sure to go early in the morning. You’ll be required to take a shower before going swimming in the cenote, so avoid putting on any sunscreen beforehand as well.

Eat in all the restaurants:

Ok, so besides being known for having some beautiful cenotes, Tulum is also known for having some UH-AMAZING food. I’ll share some of my personal recommendations below, but really…you can’t go wrong.

Lounge at a beach club:

If you’re not staying on the beach, (or even if you are but want a change of scenery) most hotels offer beach access if you purchase some lunch or drinks at their property. The price may vary depending on the hotel, but most will range between spending $25-60usd. (Which trust me, ain’t hard to spend.)

Where to eat in Tulum:

The real coconut:

One of my personal favourite healthy eats! The real coconut focuses on wholesome and natural foods that are entirely gluten-free, soy-free, refined-sugar free and corn-free. Their menu is all about sustainably sourced whole food ingredients and dishes for digestive well-being.


My #1 favourite restaurant in Tulum. Or anywhere. I cannot say enough good things about this restaurant. I’ve eaten there a total of 5 times now and every single item on the menu is just beyond incredible. Moro focuses on fresh simplicity of the Mediterranean and the vibrant flavours of Latin American. Every dish is perfectly balanced and has a unique flare.

Raw love:

For all the health fanatics, Raw love is the place to go! Their menu focuses on well, raw foods and includes an array of fresh smoothie bowls, tonics, salads, raw pad Thai, and other healthy vegan dishes. Make sure to bring your pesos with you, they don’t take credit card!

Nomade (Macondo & La popular)

Two for one here. The beach hotel Nomade has 2 fantastic restaurants. Macondo: their Moroccan style mostly vegetarian restaurant, and La popular: their beach restaurant. Both restaurants are delicious and the atmosphere at Nomade is definitely not something you should miss out on in Tulum!

Matcha Mama:

For a quick mid-day snack, stop for an iced matcha, smoothie or smoothie bowl at Matcha Mama. You may recognize it as one of the most instagrammable spots in Tulum, but their matcha is also just damn good!


For the ultimate foodie: Don’t miss out on the dining experience of Arca. Arca was opened by chef from Noma in Denmark, (one of the top restaurants in the world!) and features a micro-seasonable menu that focuses on flora (plants) and fauna (meats). Enjoy some fine dining in the jungle!


I could go on and on, but I’ll give an honourable mention to a few more great spots:

  • Gitano (great for drinks & dinner)
  • Casa Jaguar (also great for drinks & dinner)
  • Charly’s vegan tacos (didn’t get to eat here, but heard it’s fantastic)
  • Posada Margherita (great Italian food)

Final notes:

Tulum is overall a very safe place to travel. Make sure to always have some pesos on hand since some restaurant don’t take credit cards.

Tulum is also in the Jungle, so if you’re prone to mosquito bites make sure to pack a good bug repellent with you.

the beach in tulum

Alright friends, happy travels! xo