This is an old post from the blog that has been updated with new information.

ho to organically grow your Instagram presence

It’s no secret that Instagram is constantly changing. Every time you think you’ve finally got it all figured out, Instagram goes and changes an algorithm or features and your back to square one guessing where on earth do you start. Sound familiar?

It’s no secret that Instagram can be pretty life-changing for your business. In fact, my Instagram page is where Choosing Chia all started. It’s now a place where I’ve been able to grow a community and even work with some incredible partners.

With the ever-changing nature of Instagram, it can be tricky to know where to start, and what techniques actually work to help you grow.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered. These 6 tips will help you get started with your Instagram account and natually grow (even as the dreaded algorithm changes!)

Ready to get to it?

1. Be a social butterfly

Ok, so this one may sound obvious, but many people overlook the fact that it is so important to ACTUALLY be social on social media. (I mean, it’s called social media for a reason, right?) There is no replacement for engaging and being active on Instagram. Engage with people in your niche, follow accounts similar to yours, leave genuine comments on people’s photos that you like, and respond to comments left on your photos. Remember, you get what you give. So put that good karma into practice.

2. Find your unique perspective

Standing out and growing on Instagram is all about finding a unique perspective. What can you share that’s different from others? What are you passionate about? Sure, there are tons of food accounts sharing recipes, but successful Instagram accounts all share something unique. Maybe it’s in your photography style, maybe it’s what you share in the caption. Whatever it is, you’ll be sure to get people’s attention to it.

3. Call to actions

If you’ve never heard of the call to actions, now is the time to start implementing them on Instagram! (And like…everywhere.) A call to action is the best way to easily get users to engage with your content. This is where you can really be intentional with your captions. Ask a question. Ask people to double tap (“double dap if you love avocado toast!”), share helpful information and ask people to tag a friend who may find it useful. This is an easy way to help increase your engagement and develop a relationship with your followers.

4. Be consistent

We’ve all heard it. Consistency is key. But seriously though, it really is. In order to organically grow on Instagram, you have to be intentional and consistent using the app. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to post twice a day every day, but find a posting schedule that works for you, and stick to it. It’s now easier than ever to post consistently to with the help of scheduling apps like later and planoly.

5. Be intentional with your hashtags

Instagram favours hashtags that are intentional and related to your specific post. So be intentional with your hashtags and select ones that will help expose you to a specific niche. Your posts are 12% more likely to be seen if you use hashtags on Instagram, so don’t skip out on them! #win

6. Cross-pollinate

Time to stop mindlessly scrolling on Instagram and to think outside the box!  (or the app in this case.) Share your Instagram photos to your blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, and any other social media platforms you have. Tell your friends. Maximize the potential for people to discover you by being social not just within Instagram, but outside of it too.

Alright friends, Happy grammin’!

xo Jess