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Probiotics. We’ve all heard about them and have probably seen countless products in the grocery store with some catchy “now with probiotics!” label on them.

Yup, probiotics are trendy. But is the trend here to stay?

the benefits of taking probiotic supplements

While there are some foods like yogurts that naturally have probiotics in them, probiotic supplements are definitely the easiest way to take and ensure you’re getting enough probiotics in your daily life.

I initially started taking probiotics before travelling to strengthen my gut health before being exposed to foreign foods. I had heard that probiotics can help with digestive issues and figured it was worth a try to take them before travelling abroad. (Especially to Countries like India and Thailand where I wasn’t accustomed to the food.) I would start taking probiotic capsules two weeks before leaving on a trip.

After learning more about probiotics and how they work, they have now become a daily part of my wellness routine.

the benefits of taking probiotic supplements

I recently started taking Genuine Health’s new advanced gut health probiotics women’s DAILY, designed specifically for women to support women’s gut, skin and vaginal health.

One detail I love about these probiotics is that unlike some other brands I’ve tried, they don’t need to be stored in the fridge. Which is well, just really convenient! I generally take 1 capsule in the morning time with breakfast.

Genuine Health’s advanced gut health probiotics are the only probiotics made with 15 balanced strains chosen to mimic healthy human gut flora. The probiotics also come in a plastic-free time-release capsule and are vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free.

Some benefits specific to Genuine Health’s new advanced gut health probiotics women’s DAILY include:

  • 15 balanced strains to mimic healthy human gut flora
  • Guaranteed 50 billion live bacteria
  • toxic-free, non-GMO and vegan
  • Made with a unique plastic-free delayed-release capsule for targeted delivery

Genuine Health also has several other probiotic supplements including a 15 billion CFU probiotic,(made for everyone) and an advanced gut health probiotic women’s UTI to help with the prevention of urinary tract infections.

the benefits of taking probiotic supplements

Along with giving you a healthy & happy gut, probiotic’s have some other incredible benefits.

Here are 3 more benefits of taking probiotic supplements:

1. They boost your immune system

Probiotics are shown to help boost your immune system and in turn, help prevent you from getting sick. Having balanced bacteria in your gut helps ward of sicknesses like a cold or the flu.

2. Vibrant skin

Probiotics can help with inflammation and leave you with clear and vibrant skin. Some studies even suggest that they can help with psoriasis and eczema!

3. Long lasting happiness

Happiness starts on the inside out. A happy gut means you’ll feel better overall and enhance your ability to digest foods. You’ll feel less bloated, sluggish and better all around!

You can shop these probiotics here!