I’m sure you all know by now that Instagram is my favourite app. And with over 1 billion monthly users (yes, billion!) I think it’s safe to say that Instagram is here to stay. Today we’re diving into 7 ways to create a more engaged Instagram audience!

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Besides being fun and at times a little addicting, Instagram is an incredible app to both start a business or get more eyes on your current business.

In fact, did you know there are tons of influencers and businesses who run full-time businesses on Instagram ONLY?! Yeah, pretty mind-blowing, right?

But let’s backtrack a bit. Running a successful online business through Instagram is great and all, but it requires one key ingredient: an engaged audience. So today we’re diving into 7 ways to create a more engaged audience on Instagram. Whether your totally new to the platform or already have an established Instagram account, these tips will help you connect and create more meaningful relationships with your tribe. Let’s dive in!

1. Don’t Post and Ghost

Real talk, no one likes to be ghosted. So don’t expect your audience to engage with you if you only pop onto the platform to post a photo and then leave. Just like any relationship, relationships on Instagram need to be nurtured. It’s important to spend time on the platform responding to comments, leaving meaningful comments on other people’s posts in your community, and getting to know your audience via direct messages.

Pro tip: When you post a photo, spend at least 20 minutes on the app engaging with your audience.

2. Ask Questions

Want to know the one way to produce content your audience ACTUALLY wants to see? Ask. It seems pretty simple, right? And that’s because it is. Instagram has tons of great features now like Polls and question stickers for stories where you can ask your audience questions. Asking questions is also a great way to get to know your tribe on a more personal level.

Pro tip: Ask a weekly question on Instagram stories. It can be anything from “what recipes do you want to see this month?” to “What’s your favourite show on Netflix right now?”

3. Create with your Audience in Mind

So after you’ve started to learn more about your audience by asking them questions, It’s time to produce content with that in mind. What is it that your people want to see from you? (Reality check: Are you posting content that YOU want or are you posting content that THEY want?) Take some time to think this through. If you feel like your struggling to connect with your audience, you may not be publishing content that they really want to see.

Pro tip: After you ask a weekly question or poll, collect the answers in an excel spreadsheet. Keep this file handy when you sit down to create content.

4. Use Call to Actions!

Also known as CTA’s, Call to Actions are great to help your audience engage with your content. When you post on Instagram, it’s important to keep in mind “what action do I want my audience to take from this?” It could anything from leaving a comment to heading to a link in your bio or downloading a free guide you made for them. The best way to get your people to take action is simply to tell them what you want them to do!

Pro tip: Give your audience prompts like “double tap if you…” “let me know in the comments…” “head to the link in my bio…”

5. Write Longer Captions

Did you know that if someone spends more time on your Instagram post it sends a signal to Instagram that they are enjoying/engaging with your content? And it’s also the easiest way to get someone to spend more time on your post? Yup my friends, it’s time to write longer Instagram captions! I know this may not be applicable to everything you post, but try adding a longer caption to at least some of your posts. I like adding long captions when I share business & blogging tips on Instagram.

Pro tip: It can be really tedious to write up a long caption directly on your phone, so write it up on your computer and then copy it to your phone.

6. Hashtag with intention

Hashtags were created with a specific purpose in mind: to help people search content they want to find. So make sure you’re using hashtags with intention. Use hashtags directly related to the content your posting, and hashtags that you’re audience may be searching. If your posting a photo of a healthy pumpkin bread recipe, don’t hashtag “#myfavorite #yumyum #ilovefall”…I mean, will your audience really be searching these terms if they’re looking for a pumpkin bread recipe? Probably not. Use tags like “#fallbaking #pumpkinbread #healthyrecipe”

Pro tip: create a list of some go-to hashtags you like to use on your photos to have on hand for when you post. Remember to also switch it up and use different hashtags on your posts!

7. Open Up

About yourself that is. People want to connect with people. They want to know who is behind that Instagram account. It’s the things in life that may seem silly or unimportant that sometimes create the biggest connections with your audience. Maybe it’s sharing how you spilled a smoothie all over your new shirt, or a new book you’re obsessed with. Whatever it is, people want to know who the real you is and will feel more connected to you if you’re #relatable.

Pro tip: share your fails in addition to your wins. No one’s perfect!

Your turn!

I can’t wait to see you implement these tips to create a more engaged audience on Instagram! What else has helped you create engagement with your tribe?

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