how to create a daily meditation practice that sticks

What is meditation anyways?

Meditation is the art of arriving in the present moment and going inward. It’s a practice of becoming aware of how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.

It isn’t like a degree you earn once and have forevermore. It’s one of those things (just like strength training) that builds on itself. The more consistently you practice, the greater the rewards in terms of self-discovery and a sense of peace.

Just like our phones need to be charged daily, so do we! With meditation, you’re plugging back into your source of peace, clarity, and wellbeing. By having a daily practice, you’ll be setting yourself up to win, everyday.

Some of the main benefits I’ve experienced since I began meditating are: feeling way less stressed, having a stronger immune system, more confidence, and a greater sense of who I am.

These benefits didn’t come all at once like a tidal wave, it was a gradual thing. After a few weeks of meditating, when something would come up that used to bug me, would now just make me laugh instead! So don’t worry if you don’t feel more “peaceful” right away, let it unfold naturally. It’s all a process my friends!

Here are my top tips for creating a meditation practice that are actionable and that you can start on right now!

How to create a daily meditation practice that STICKS:

Start Small

One barrier for many of us is time and patience. See if you can start with 2-5 minutes each morning right when you wake up or before you fall asleep. Sit somewhere comfortable and set a timer on your phone. Make it your intention to do nothing more than take long, slow, deep breaths for the duration of that time. Then count yourself a success!

Create a Safe Space

If you’re new to meditation or live in a busy household, find a place where you feel relaxed enough to meditate. It may require waking up a little bit earlier than everyone else in your home or putting up a sign that says: “meditation in progress…” on your door. But finding a safe and comfortable space you can return to each day will make meditating daily that much easier! (Check out 7 ways to create a zen living space for some tips on this!)

Use an APP 

There are so many great meditation apps out there nowadays! If you are new to meditation I recommend doing Headspace’s introductory 10-days where Andy will teach you all about being mindful and what it means to cultivate awareness. (His voice is mega peaceful too!) I also love the meditation app Calm. I love their background soundscapes and the quotes they share at the end of each meditation. This is a great one to have with you on airplanes or if you live in a noisy household!

Say Goodbye to Judgment

Let go of all expectations. Let. That. Shit. Go. One common stream of thought is: “I was thinking the whole time… did I do that right? Maybe my mind is too busy to meditate.?!” but don’t be so quick to count a chatty mind as a sign of failure. The very fact that you’re aware of those thoughts IS meditation. You have meditated. You are cultivating awareness. Great job!

So when the timer goes off, promise not to judge yourself or “how well you meditated.” Just call it PERFECT, and show up again tomorrow.

Final thoughts:

I promise you can do this. If you’ve meditated in the past and have gotten bored or felt like you weren’t doing it quite right, give it another try! Start small, find what works for you, and let the experience evolve naturally. You got this!  

If you’re looking for some extra guidance, check out Lucy from the team’s blog, Purley lucy. and make sure to tune into her guided meditations (with new ones released every Sunday!) check em’ out here

Happy Meditating Friends!