Are you familiar with the Danish concept of “Hygge?” It’s all about coziness, happiness, and enjoying the sweet little moments in life. Learn 10 simple ways to practice the art of Hygge today! 

10 ways to practice hygge this winter
photo by Marja photography

Hygge, pronounced “Hue-Guh,” is a beautiful Danish concept all about noticing and taking pleasure in the simple things.

It’s about being present in the moment and appreciating life’s little pleasures; from quiet mornings spent sipping your coffee, to being curled up with a good book, to sharing laughter and good conversation with loved ones over a cozy meal.

In a nutshell, Hygge is a way of noticing and savouring the beauty of the world around you – and choosing to create more of those special moments that bring a warm fuzzy feeling of contentment within!

There are so many ways to practice Hygge (think: anything cozy, sweet, heart-warming or charming!) but if you’re looking for somewhere to start, here are ten ways you can get your Hygge on in order to stay cozy and happy during these cooler months.

10 simple ways to practice the art of Hygge

1. Have a candlelit dinner party with friends

Invite a few of your close friends or family over and have a potluck style dinner. Ask everyone to bring a dish and their favourite board game! Telestrations is always a crowd pleaser at my home.

2. Decorate your space à la Hygge

Create a Hygge approved atmosphere using fairy lights, a Himalayan salt lamp, candles, and lots of soft blankets and pillows. This will help fill your space with coziness and create an atmosphere of calm.

3. Breakfast in bed

Treat your self to breakfast in bed! Nothing says cozy like having a slow morning and enjoying your favourite breakfast while bundled up with blankets and pillows. You can read this if you’re looking for some tips on how to create the perfect breakfast in bed 🙂

4. Take a bath

Take a long soak in your bath with Epsom salts (uber detoxifying) and essential oils (like lavender) to create a beautiful ambience. Maybe play some soft and gentle music and light some candles in the background then let yourself completely relax.

5. Nature time!

Bundle up in your coziest winter mittens, scarves, coat and boots and take a walk in the park or the forest. Nature is always inviting us to slow down, be still and appreciate the little details. Tres Hygge!

6. Curl up with a good book

Fireplace, hot cocoa and a big chunky-knit blanket optional. (But certainly recommended!) If you’re looking for something sweet and heart-warming to read, I recommend: A Man Called Ove, The Kissing Quotient for the romantics – or if this whole “Hygge” thing sounds pretty cool – then you can head to the source and read “Little Book of Hyyge” itself!

7. Create something

Create something sweet and simple for the sheer joy of it! You could head to the dollar store and pick up some paints and a small canvas, dust off those knitting needles and make a scarf, bake something mouthwateringly delicious (some chai latte donuts will do the trick), or even write a letter to an old friend reminiscing over happy memories.

8. Buy fresh flowers

Did you know the bright colours and scent of flowers can instantly uplift your mood and change your brain chemistry to leave you feeling more positive? So go ahead and pick up a bouquet! If they’re for you, make sure to get your favourites and put them somewhere you’ll see them often!

9. Screens off!

Put away that phone, power down that laptop and choose to do some Hygge-ing instead. Suggestions include yin yoga, having a solo dance party, or just taking some time to sit, be still, and observe how you’re feeling.

10. Take time to appreciate the good

A great way to get in the Hygge state of mind is to make a list of 10 things you appreciate. Be as specific and in-the-moment as you can when you do this. For example, noticing the warm sunshine filtering through your window to create a soft yellow glow in your room, how good you feel after you have a shower, the roasty aroma of your coffee in the morning, or how snuggly your sweater is! Just taking a moment to notice what makes you feel content inside and then writing it down as a loving reminder.

What it’s really all about

Life really is a series of little moments, and the more we find sweetness in the little things, the richer and more beautiful our lives become.

Make sure to take some time today to practice Hygge – whether it be through appreciating the little moments that come your way, or finding new ways to create them.

Which of these ideas is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Hygge-ing, friends!