Nothing says fall like the smell of warm spices and a hot pot of soup on the stove! These 25 Cozy Vegetarian Soup Recipes combine those two great things into a list of dishes made with savoury flavours, healthy ingredients, and comforting textures that will warm your soul.

Healthy ingredients wrapped up in a variety of vegetarian soup ideas

There are very few things that I love more than the fall season. The weather gets cooler, the leaves get more colourful, and the food – oh, the food! Pumpkins and sweet potatoes finally get their spotlight. Cinnamon flies off the shelves and into sweet baked goods. And the pressure cookers and dutch ovens make their permanent space in the kitchen to make the most comforting food of all – soup.

These 25 cozy and comforting soup recipes have a few special features that make them our favourite:

  • All of these vegetarian soup recipes are gluten-free, and most of them are grain-free.
  • They’re all low on the sodium (especially compared to anything you’ll buy in a can!)
  • These soups are made with healthy ingredients, and homemade spice blends.
  • Each one of these vegetarian soup recipes is easy-to-make and approachable after a long day of work.

So grab your favourite cup of tea (or coffee, if it’s early), relax, and scroll through these comforting dishes to find your next favourite vegetarian soup recipe!

Happy fall!

1. Roasted Sweet Potato Cinnamon Soup

This Roasted Sweet Potato Cinnamon Soup is made with roasted sweet potatoes to give the soup more depth and flavour. It’s blended up smooth until it’s super smooth and creamy, and optionally topped with roasted chickpeas and olive oil for more texture!

2. Vegan Pho

This Vegan Pho recipe is easy to make, and infused with warming spices like cinnamon and star anise. This version calls for a vegetarian broth, fresh and crunchy vegetables, and rice noodles for a hearty and warm bowl.

3. Vegetarian French Onion Soup

There’s not a fall that goes by that I don’t crave French Onion Soup. This vegetarian soup recipe is easy to make, comforting, and topped off with an optional layer of salty and creamy Gruyere.

4. Tuscan White Bean Soup

This Tuscan White Bean Soup is a simple and savory vegetarian recipe that comes together in less than 30 minutes! It’s made with white cannellini beans, veggies and kale for a delicious soup that is creamy and filled with flavour!

5. Vegetarian Zuppa Toscana

This beautiful bowl of hearty Zuppa Toscana has a cream base, and filled with potatoes, kale, vegetarian sausage, onions, and sun-dried tomatoes. It’s even better when served with fresh bread!

6. Roasted Garlic Soup

The ultimate in comfort food. This Roasted Garlic Soup is made with four bulbs of roasted garlic, cauliflower and potato for a smooth and creamy comforting soup that is packed with garlic flavour!

7. Cream of Mushroom Soup

Stay warm with this tasty Cream of Mushroom Soup. Mushrooms are pureed with garlic, fresh herbs, balsamic vinegar, and a touch of milk create the perfect savory and incredibly flavorful soup – topped off with herby, garlicky, oven-toasted breadcrumbs!

8. Curried Coconut Cauliflower Soup

Indulge yourself in this dreamy and creamy Curried Coconut Cauliflower Soup. It’s topped off with some roasted chickpeas for some extra protein and crunch!

9. Roasted Tomato Soup

What’s better than tomato soup? Roasted Tomato Soup! Tomatoes are slow-roasted with garlic to enhance their naturally sweet flavors, then blended with simple seasonings and lots of fresh basil. Pair it with your favourite grilled cheese!

10. Vegan Minestrone Soup

Warm up your fall with a big bowl of this Vegan Minestrone Soup! It’s easy to make and loaded with ingredients like beans, potatoes and noodles for a hearty soup that will keep you feeling full!

11. Lemony Orzo Chickpea Soup

This Lemony Orzo Chickpea Soup recipe is a vegetarian spin on Greek Avgolemono soup. It’s cozy, lightened up with lots of lemon juice and fresh herbs, and made extra creamy by adding eggs into the broth (instead of cream)!

12. Stuffed Pepper Soup

This Stuffed Pepper Soup packs some serious flavour! It has red peppers (duh), crushed tomatoes, lentils, and brown rice that come together and simmer away into a delicious dish.

13. White Bean Enchilada Soup

This Creamy White Bean Enchilada Soup is such a creative vegetarian soup. Made with green chiles, a chili powder spice blend, and corn make this a great dish for meal prep or an easy weeknight dinner!

14. Wild Rice Soup

Healthier than your average Wild Rice Soup, this vegetarian soup recipe is completely dairy-free, thanks to a homemade cashew cream instead of a traditional bechamel sauce. The wild rice offers a chewy texture, and a nuttier earthier flavour!

15. Vegan Chili

Protein, vegetables, and a savoury spice blend load up this Instant Pot Vegan Chili! It has two types of beans and the perfect texture for a classic fall dish you’ll love.

16. Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Creamy Cauliflower Soup has simple and filling ingredients like leeks, white beans, and vegetable broth. This soup contains no dairy, takes 30 minutes to make, and is deliciously garlicky!

17. Northern-Style Vegan Thai Coconut Soup

This Northern-Style Vegan Thai Coconut Soup was inspired by our favorite Thai soup, Khao Soi. Make it with vegetable broth, rice noodles, Thai curry paste, and coconut milk for a light texture!

18. Cuban Black Bean Soup

This Cuban Black Bean Soup is rich in protein, veggies, and Cuban flavour! The texture of this vegetarian soup recipe is thick and hearty, and it’s even oil/gluten-free.

19. Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup

This quick and easy Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup recipe is the perfect soup to make in your pressure cooker! It’s naturally vegan, gluten-free, and perfect for fall!

20. Vegan White Chickpea Chili

This White Chickpea Chili is a delicious vegan twist on white chicken chili! It has veggies, beans and spices in a broth of coconut milk, vegetable broth, and salsa verde.

21. Spiced Carrot, Lentil, and Sweet Potato Soup

Soothing spices like ginger and turmeric set this Spiced Carrot, Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup apart from all the others! It’s a vegetarian soup recipe that’s naturally vegan, gluten-free, and packed with protein and fibre.

22. Lentil Tortilla Soup

This Vegan Lentil Tortilla Soup channels the classic tortilla soup flavour, but with the added bonus of extra veggies, extra legumes, and a swirl of creaminess! Like many of these vegetarian soup recipes, you can make it in the pressure cooker, slow cooker, or on the stove for an easy meal.

23. Vegan Tofu Chicken Noodle Soup

This Vegan Tofu Chicken Noodle Soup is whole-food, plant-based, and gluten-free. Make it with anti-inflammatory herbs like sage, rosemary, and thyme for a delicious and powerful flavour combination!

24. Slow Cooker Lentil Soup

This Slow Cooker Lentil Soup makes the perfect lazy weeknight dinner. Trust us, this is a healthy, filling, and protein-rich soup loaded with two types of lentils, sweet potatoes, and veggies!

25. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

This Broccoli Cheddar Soup has healthy yet delicious ingredients like carrots, broccoli, garlic, and cheese. It has a beautifully creamy and velvety texture, and comes together in under 30 minutes!